Making the decision between mediation or going to court

Making the decision between mediation or court

Deciding whether to mediate or ask the Court to resolve your dispute can be difficult.  Your decision may be taken out of your hands if your ex is not willing to mediate, or welfare concerns for any of the parties mean that mediation is not suitable.  Otherwise your choice will depend on several factors, not least your emotional readiness to deal with your ex partner.  Both methods put the needs of any children first and ensure all parties are safe.  In addition whether you mediate or go to C

Legal aid is still available for Family Mediation

Legal Aid calculator for family mediation

We are not surprised that many people are confused about the availability of Legal Aid for family mediation. In recent times, Legal Aid cuts have made the headlines and Legal Aid for instructing a solicitor and taking family cases to court has been virtually stopped. 

The message we want to get across loud and clear is - Legal Aid is still available for family mediation.

Here are our top three Legal Aid tips:

1. Find the right service