Putting children first

Resolution, has this week released the results of a poll of young people aged 14-22 with experience of parental separation. The organisation, with 6,500 members who are family mediators, lawyers and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes, hopes the insights will help parents understand the impact of divorce and separation from a child’s perspective.   

A New Way?

This week we were excited to receive our copy of Katherine Woodward Thomas’ book Conscious Uncoupling - How to Break Up in A Whole New Way.  

Planning ahead for the holidays

Father and daughter walking a dog

As the summer holidays draw to a close, parents who have recently separated may already be thinking about the next school holidays, eg Christmas and New Year.  Even parents who have structured contact in place during term-time, often dread the prospect of organising days that carry emotional weight - in particular Christmas and birthdays.  Family mediation provides a safe environment to discuss child arrangements at any point