My Process

Step 1 

Contact us on 0113 320 2288 or via our on-line enquiry form to provide us with some basic details about your situation.

Step 2 

Separate appointments will be made for you and the other party to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting. This is your opportunity to find out more about mediation and other forms of dispute resolution from an accredited family mediator, and we will discuss whether mediation will be suitable in your case.

Step 3 

Following the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting you let us know whether you would be willing to engage in the mediation process :-

 If Yes, and our mediator feels that mediation is appropriate in your case, see Step 4

 If No and/or our mediator thinks that mediation is not right for your case then we will issue a C100 form which is the document you need if you decide to make a Court application to resolve matters.

Step 4 

A joint mediation session is set up. Meetings usually take place with you and the other party in the same room, sitting around a table with our mediator. However, if appropriate, we are able to carry out the mediation sessions with you and the other party in separate rooms. Each session lasts 90 mins, and the number of sessions required will depend on the issues involved, but generally 2-4 sessions.  You are free to seek legal advice from your solicitor at any point during the process.

Step 5 

If you reach an agreement then our mediator will draw up a document to reflect the understanding you have reached

Watch our video about how mediation helped a family deal with the breakdown of a relationship: Jacks Story

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