Christmas is coming . . .

Child hanging toys on Christmas tree

It’s less than 5 weeks until Christmas but there is still time to consider family mediation if you are anxious about arrangements for the holiday season.

“For separated families, far from being a time of joy, Christmas can heap tension upon tension,” says Jane Robey, from National Family Mediation, “Reminders that Christmas is fast approaching are all around us, but many separated families are dreading December, and with good reason. Living arrangements that work well all year can be exposed as inadequate. And there can be turmoil for pick-ups and drop-offs when children need to visit relatives they haven’t seen for the past year.”

National Family Mediation is urging separated parents to put their children first by thinking about making a Parenting Plan, a written plan agreed between co-parents after separation which deals with lots of the practical issues of parenting.  Co-parenting involves making decisions together.  When parents live together, they may not always agree on parenting styles, but for separated parents the parenting gap can be even wider.  A Parenting Plan will help you think about the decisions you need to make and how to make them.  Your plan can be as simple or as detailed as you choose and can cover issues such as arrangements for Christmas as well as the rest of the year.  It can be flexible and updated as circumstances and needs change.

At MyMediation we can help you make a Parenting Plan. And if you act quickly, it’s not too late to make arrangements for this Christmas meaning that you can have a happy and peaceful family Christmas 

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