Making the decision between mediation or going to court

Making the decision between mediation or court

Deciding whether to mediate or ask the Court to resolve your dispute can be difficult.  Your decision may be taken out of your hands if your ex is not willing to mediate, or welfare concerns for any of the parties mean that mediation is not suitable.  Otherwise your choice will depend on several factors, not least your emotional readiness to deal with your ex partner.  Both methods put the needs of any children first and ensure all parties are safe.  In addition whether you mediate or go to Court you can choose whether to seek advice from a solicitor alongside either process.  Whichever you ultimately decide to do, at present the Court requires that you attend a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting to consider all the options available. 

Family Mediation


Faster results than Court

Directs you and imposes outcomes

Cheaper than Court using solicitors

Provides an independent view

You make the decisions

CAFCASS can investigate welfare concerns

Legal aid available

Fact finding about the past

Finds solutions, not continues the conflict

Legally binding orders

Opportunity to open lines of communication

Don’t have to deal with your ex

Solutions that work for all parties

Works to a strict timetable

Can deal with children and finance issues together


At MyMediation our experienced mediators provide impartial information to help you decide which route is appropriate for your case and circumstances.   Mediation enables you to keep control of the outcome and provides the opportunity for you to find common ground, move forward and open lines of communication.

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