Mediation in action

Mediation seminar

Family solicitors in Leeds witnessed a live ‘mock’ family mediation presented by solicitor mediators, Sally Clark and Laura Clapton. Sally heads up the family mediation service MyMediation providing services to both private and legally aided individuals, under the umbrella of Winston Solicitors LLP.

The free event, which took place at Winston Solicitors LLP’s recently opened Park Place office in Leeds City Centre, provided a unique opportunity for family solicitors to gain a real insight into the family mediation process and see for themselves what their family clients experience in the mediation room. The attendees were presented with documentation which participants and their solicitors can expect to receive as part of the mediation process. At the end of the ‘mock’ mediation, the audience were given the opportunity to ask the mediators questions to help them gain a better understanding of the mediation process. The event showcased how solicitors and mediators can best work together to help separating couples.

Real life husband and wife team, Matthew and Marie Walsh, both senior solicitors from Winston Solicitors LLP, boldly took up the roles of ‘Mr and Mrs Wood’ - a separating married couple who are seeking to resolve issues regarding their children, property and finances through the mediation process.