Use family mediation for quicker results

Family mediation sees quick results

We recently saw a dad for a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) whose main priority was making arrangements to see his four year old son as quickly as possible. This dad  hasn’t seen his child for three weeks. He attended the MIAM to get the C100 form completed so that he could make an application to the court. He wanted to know how long it would be before the court made a decision. What he heard changed his mind about the way forward. 

Studies have shown that on average, mediation is four times quicker than going to court to resolve family matters. On average, a mediation case can be concluded in 110 days whereas a similar case would take 435 days to be dealt with at court. Figures for January to March 2015 from the Court Service show that it took the court on average 14.8 weeks for a private children case to be heard by the Court.  And many cases require more than one court hearing before a final decision is made.


  • Family Mediation is four times quicker than going to court
  • Family Mediation cases take 110 days instead of 435 days via a court


This dad was pleased to hear about another option; the mother of the child wants to mediate.  Family mediation is a constructive way of helping parents to make arrangements after they have separated.  Family mediators can help to find solutions, and reduce the burden of stress caused by family breakdown.

For this dad, MyMediation set up a session to start mediation with the mum in the following week. And the even better news for these parents is that 60% of mediation cases involving children in mediation result in a successful outcome.

At MyMediation we can help you to make arrangements about your children.  We can help you put your children first, ensuring that they are given information and, where appropriate, ensuring they have a say.  To talk about this, or any other aspects of family mediation, please call the mediation team on 0113 320 2288 or email