What can be done to minimise the emotional costs of divorce?

Father having breakfast with his children

Divorce is the in news - from the breakup of high profile marriages of Brad and Angelina and Zoe Ball and Norman Cook, to Sarah Jessica Parker’s new TV drama ‘Divorce,’ the subject is making headlines. Whether you are an A-list celebrity or not, divorce is painful, and the question for parties is what can be done to minimise the emotional and financial costs, and the implications for the children?

In the Daily Telegraph, an article dated 1 October 2016, entitled ‘How to Break Up (without tearing each other apart)' by Dr Stephen-Adams-Langley, senior clinical consultant at the children’s mental health charity Place2B says "The key message for parents is that they have to put more efforts into the love they have for their children than into the animosity they have for each other." Choosing Family Mediation to help resolve issues after divorce or separation is making a choice to put the children first above any negative feelings you have towards each other.

Family Mediation aims to help parents focus on making arrangements that are the best interests of the children. Decisions in mediation are always made by the parties, not the mediator, as it will be the parties themselves that will have to implement them. You know your own circumstances and children better than anyone else, so it is hoped that when parents have gone through the mediation process and reached agreement together, they are more likely to stick to those agreements.

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