Life hack – 5 reasons why you should accept your ex’s new partner (for the sake of your children)

There can be often nothing more difficult for a separated parent than hearing your children talk about mummy or daddy’s new partner. You are likely to experience a range of emotions from fear to anger and upset. You may feel it's hard enough that you have to share child contact with your ex, and now someone else is getting to spend precious time with them as well. Where your partner has left because of an affair this makes the situation even more difficult.  

What can be done to minimise the emotional costs of divorce?

Divorce is the in news - from the breakup of high profile marriages of Brad and Angelina and Zoe Ball and Norman Cook, to Sarah Jessica Parker’s new TV drama ‘Divorce,’ the subject is making headlines. Whether you are an A-list celebrity or not, divorce is painful, and the question for parties is what can be done to minimise the emotional and financial costs, and the implications for the children?

Making the decision between mediation or going to court

Deciding whether to mediate or ask the Court to resolve your dispute can be difficult.  Your decision may be taken out of your hands if your ex is not willing to mediate, or welfare concerns for any of the parties mean that mediation is not suitable.  Otherwise your choice will depend on several factors, not least your emotional readiness to deal with your ex partner.  Both methods put the needs of any children first and ensure all parties are safe.  In addition whether you mediate or go to Court you can choose whether to seek advice from a solicitor alongside either pro