Excellent friendly service.

AK, Leeds

I believed it enabled me to put my thoughts across to my ex in a manner that didn’t pose a threat and allowed him to think for once.

Anon, Leeds

Helpful and friendly – would gladly return if I needed to.

JB, Leeds

Chelsea has been fantastic. She is always straight back in touch and has really helped us, particularly when things were difficult setting up the second session.

LG, West Yorkshire

Helped a lot as I am now in contact with my grandchildren. I was really impressed with how it was managed, everything was very good.

CG, Leeds

Helped by stopping us going to Court.

NM, West Yorkshire

Helped by defusing the frustration involved. I think it helped having a professional to help each side communicate their side of the story to the other.

SB, Leeds

Created the environment in order to have a friendly conversation with my partner.

SM, Leeds

I have a few male friends going through similar situations and I am always saying to them that they should try mediation. There was no opportunity for us to actually talk at court and different Judges had different approaches, some more positive than others. I feels that mediation was really helpful.

LG, Leeds

Family mediation has helped a lot. Some time ago we wouldn’t have sat in the same room, so to be able to do that, to sit together and think about ways forward, was really helpful. The process didn’t compare to court (in a good way) and I'm certain that I don't want to go back! I feel a bit more hopeful about the future having been to mediation.

HS, Leeds

I was so pleased that you were able to encourage him to attend the mediation session, and felt that the mediators gave me inner strength to say what I wanted to say.

Anon, West Yorkshire

At the end of the process they hope that their son knows mum and dad love him even though they're not together and that they'd recommend mediation to anyone.

LB and JC, Leeds