Legal aid calculator for family mediation

How our mediation legal aid eligibility calculator works

The legal aid calculator can help you work out if you are able to get legal aid for family mediation. If you get Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Employment Support Allowance it may be that you will be entitled to legal aid.

If you are employed or self-employed you will need to get the details from your payslips or tax return. This is the information you need to add to the legal aid calculator. Our video talks you through filling in the legal aid calculator. It helps to show you what information you will need to include for your own situation.

Checklist to help you with the legal aid calculator

  • Benefits information - Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance
  • Tax credits - Child Tax and/or Working Tax Credits
  • Child benefits
  • Employment - payslips
  • Self-employed - business accounts and self-assessments
  • Mortgage or rent
  • Child care costs
  • Child maintenance
  • If you do live with a new partner then you will need to include their wages too.

Click the full legal aid calculator checklist for further information.

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If you are able to get legal aid for family mediation then your fees will be paid by the Legal Aid Agency for the first information and assessment meeting, known as a MIAM. Your first proper family mediation session will also be covered by Legal Aid.

What is family mediation used for?

Family Mediation is a good way to sort out problems after couples separate and divorce. You may have to discuss money issues such as sorting out a house you both own or shared bank accounts.

If you have children together then people like to put in place plans so that both parents can continue to see their children. Some couples find it useful to include plans for birthdays and holidays. Children who see their parents getting on, even though they are not together as a couple, have a better chance of a happy childhood and having a good relationship with both their parents.

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