Mediation Fees and Legal Aid

We offer competitive rates for private clients and also offer Legal Aid for family mediation

Private Clients

All prices are per person and are inclusive of VAT. Each party is responsible for their own costs unless otherwise agreed by the parties.  Clients are required to pay in advance of each meeting.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM)

  • £100, 45 mins - 1 hour

  • Introductory meeting with an accredited mediator who will discuss your case and talk to you about the mediation process and other options including Court.  They will also assess suitability for mediation.

  • Cost includes all correspondence and Court form (C100 or Form A) where required.

Child only mediation

  • First joint session £150, 90 mins

  • Follow up sessions £60, 1 hour

  • Mediation is a process, and although some cases may be concluded in 1 session, often an average of 2 sessions are required.  By making follow up mediation sessions more financially accessible, parents are able to engage with the process and try harder to reach a mutually acceptable outcome.  Parenting is for life, and we believe that parents should feel able to use mediation as and when issues arise on the parenting journey.  NB: Follow up sessions must be taken within 4 months of the first joint session.

Child consultation

  • £200, includes session with the child/ren plus 90 mins feedback session with parents.

Finances/ All issues mediation

  • £150 per session, 90 mins
  • Includes pre and post mediation paperwork and correspondence to solicitors where required, to turn an agreement into a (legally binding) consent order. Once agreement has been reached it is unlikely parties will need to return to mediation for financial matters.

Legal Aid Clients

Legal Aid is available for those who meet the eligibility criteria.  All clients must meet the criteria for both income and assets.

The Legal Aid Agency only pays for cases that are deemed to have ‘legal issues’ ie issues which could be decided in a family court.  Typically this means child arrangements and/or financial arrangements.  There is no Legal Aid for general parenting or communication issues although these may well form part of a wider conversation in relation to arrangements for children.

Clients who wish to be assessed for Legal Aid are required to pay half the fee in advance ie £50 deposit in advance which will be refunded once eligibility has been established and all required evidence has been provided.

NB: Clients receiving income support, income related ESA or JSA, or Universal Credit are not required to pay the deposit.

Click here to find out more about Legal Aid, and try our Legal Aid Eligibility Calculator to see if you may qualify.