My Children

Family mediation can help you sort out a wide range of practical issues in relation to making child arrangements after separation. We can help you find a way forward that works for you as parents and which focuses on the best interests of the children.

Family mediation helps you decide what the best arrangements are for your children. After all, you know your children best and this process allows you to retain control over important decisions which will affect your children, rather than handing that decision-making power over to the Courts.

The views of your children are very important and will often be voiced in the mediation process through you as parents. If appropriate we can offer direct child consultation as part of the process - please see FAQs for further details.

The Government and the Courts recognise that the Court process is and should be a last resort for parents in respect of making child arrangements. Since April 2014, except in certain defined circumstances, anyone seeking to make an application to Court in relation to children must attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) to find out about mediation and whether it would be suitable for them. If one party is unwilling to attend a MIAM or the mediator assesses that mediation would be unsuitable, then a Court application can be made.

Watch our video about how mediation helped a family deal with the breakdown of a relationship: Jack's Story.

We can help you come to an amicable agreement about your children. Call 0113 320 2288 or contact us online.