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Family mediation can help you resolve financial issues on the breakdown of a relationship.  As a process it is usually much quicker and cheaper than going through the Courts, and a better choice for many separating couples who simply want to reach an agreement in as painless a manner as possible.

Family mediation is a future focused process and one that encourages a practical and cost effective approach to sorting out financial issues. Whether your assets include a family home, pensions and businesses, our accredited family mediators will help you to consider the full range of options, mindful of the legal factors which need to be taken into account in settlement discussions.

At the start of the process there is a mutual exchange of financial information. This will enable you to explore options and make an informed decision in order to reach a financial settlement which is fair, practical, and one that you choose. You are encouraged to obtain advice from your solicitor alongside the process, and agreements reached in mediation can be made into a legally binding order by the Court providing they are within the parameters of a legally fair settlement.

Our family mediation service can help resolve financial matters usually faster and at a lot less cost than going through the courts. Contact us online or call us on 0113 320 2288.