Recommended resources for children and adults

Resources to help with divorce and family separations.

Books for younger children

Dinosaur’s Divorce
by Marc Brown and Laurie Krasny Brown
For 4-8 years to help them understand and come to terms with separation and divorce

Was it the chocolate pudding: A story for little kids about divorce
by Sandra Levins and Bryan Langdo
Using humour this book explains divorce from a kids point of view and deals with practical day-to-day matters


Books for older children

Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids
by  Isolina Ricci
For 10+, includes tips, exercises and examples that help children build skills as families change

The Suitcase Kid
by Jacqueline Wilson
For 9+, realistic story of living between 2 houses and coping with stepfamilies

The Divorce Helpbook for Teens
by Cynthia Macgregor
Full of strategies and advice as they go through difficult times surrounding a family breakup


Books for adults

Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorce Parents Can Raise Happy and Secure Kids
by Christina McGhee

Mom’s House, Dad’s House
by Isolina Ricci

The Truth about Children and Divorce
by Robert E Emery

How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids will talk
by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

Helping Children Cope with Divorce
by Rosemary Wells


Online resources

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