What do you need to show to get legal aid for family mediation

If you are looking to get Legal Aid for family mediation here is the information you will need to show

How much you get paid

  • If you are employed and get paid every four weeks or once a month you need your LAST payslip
  • If you are employed and get paid every week then you need your last FIVE payslips
  • If you are self-employed, you will need your business accounts for the last TWO years plus your latest self-assessment tax return form.

If you get any benefits

  • Your benefits letter from the last SIX months with shows how much you get from Income Support (IS), Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Your Tax Credit Award letter which shows all the details of what Working Tax and/or Child Tax Credits you get. 
  • How much Child Benefit you get.

What money you have

  • Any accounts that you have with bank statements from the last FIVE weeks.

Your relationship situation

  • If you are living with a new partner you need to show what they earn.

Your living costs

  • How much you pay on rent or mortgage.
  • How much you pay for child care including nursery, early morning clubs etc. You need to show the money that you have paid for these eg a bank statement or receipt from the nursery.  

Help for your children

  • If you get any child maintenance from your ex-partner, you need to show letters from CSA/CMS and/ bank statements where the money is paid into. 

Once you have all the documents you need you can check if you are eligible for legal aid using our legal aid calculator.

For help with legal aid for family mediation please call our family mediation team on 0113 320 2288 or you can fill in the contact form today.